If you’re having difficulty sleeping, fret’ not, because science says there’s a perfect formula to get you a good night’s sleep! It’s the 10-3-2-1 formula. 

So here’s how the formula works. 10 means no caffeine 10 hours before bed because coffee takes about 8 to 12 hours to clear from your systems. 3 means no food within 3 hours of sleep so that your digestive system has a good rest and prevents acid reflux or stomach cramps. 2 means stop working two hours before bed as your brain needs to relax and cool down rather than get active and hyped up before bedtime. And 1 means no screen time within an hour of going to bed because playing with your phone before bed is also bad for your human’s biological clock. This formula is said to be quite fool-proof meaning that it has a high success rate for most people. 

Now you know it! Just follow this simple formula, and you’d be sleeping like a baby every single day!