It’s been over a year since ASTRO’s Moonbin left us. And some of us haven’t recovered from that. One of those people is Cha Eun Woo. Recently, Eun Woo went on the show, You Quiz on The Block and he talked about Moonbin and how he has been coping with the loss.

Eun Woo revealed that last year was a tough year for him. He wrote lyrics for his upcoming album and while writing, he cried a lot. And even to this day, he still can’t sing that song.

He added that people tend to forget that he is still sad and when people asked him if he is okay, he didn’t want to say whether he is or he is not. Eun Woo also shared that always dreamt about Moonbin and he felt guilty. But, he is also trying to get himself together to make Moonbin proud.

At the end, Eun Woo left a message for Moonbin, saying, “Binnie, are you doing well? I miss you. Don’t worry about me. I’m fulfilling your share. Let’s meet again.”

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