If you love the traditional teochew pan-fry oyster, ojien, then you have to try this recipe using only an air fryer. First, get some oysters, add in 50 grams of flour, 1 handful of spring onions, an egg, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, 2 spoonfuls of fish sauce and give it a good mix. Now, on a piece of parchment bowl, pour oil into the parchment paper and pour the oyster mixture in. Airfry everything at 180 degrees celsius for 15 minutes, then flip it and airfry again for 10 minutes. And your traditional teochew airfry ojien is done. There are two types of people, the one who loves crispy Ojien and the one who loves non-crispy ones. If you’re like me who loves the later, this recipe is a must try!

For takoyaki lovers, it’s not easy making your own takoyaki because of the flour mixture and the skills it takes to turn them. Well, why not try this simple takoyaki recipe. The ingredients you need are chopped cabbages, mashed potatoes, diced octopuses, and some seasonings. First, add the cabbages, mashed potatoes and diced octopuses together. Season it with salt and pepper and mix everything together. Next, roll the mixture into balls and airfry them at 170 degree celsius for 15 minutes. Your homemade easy takoyaki is done. It’s not that authentic but hey, it’s going to be delicious. 

If you want some nuggets but don’t want those frozen ones, try this recipe. Boil some potatoes and mash them. Then, you’re gonna blend one chicken breast with the mashed potatoes. Next, add one egg, one spoonful of oyster sauce, one spoonful of light soy sauce, one spoonful of flour and half a spoonful of salt. Mix everything together and by using your hands, shape them into any shape you want. Oval, round, square, even animal shape if you’re good. And then air fry at 180 degrees celsius for 15 minutes, flip it and airfry again for 10 more minutes. And your homemade chicken nuggets are done. I’d say these are healthier than those frozen nuggets and even nutritious for your kids.