Everybody knows the song “I love you, you love me”. It’s the very popular somewhat lullaby-like melody from the very popular kids show, Barney and Friends. While the show ended about a decade ago, news has it that a reboot is happening.

According to official reports, Mattel will be rebooting Barney with a new film as well as an animated series. Not many details of the project has been revealed and we don’t know if Barney will be the live version or is it just going to be the animated version all the way but there is a new reimagined version of an animated Barney being released and fans are expressing their views on it. 

Some users said the cartoon version looked horrible and it gives nightmares while some said it’s actually quite cute. Nevertheless, let’s wait for a more official announcement for the new Barney film and animated series.

Nevertheless, every kids’ lovable purple dinosaur is back! Are you excited?