诗巫的朋友们,我们将为你带来好消息! 从今天开始我们已经在诗巫开始试播啦! 而圣诞节当天(12月25日),我们将会正式启播! Tea FM在诗巫的频率是FM 100.7 哦! 所以大家记得把收音机调至我们的频率啦! 同时,大家也别忘了把这个好消息分享给你的亲朋好友啦! Tea FM,陪伴着你!

Good news to our friends in Sibu! We have started our test transmission today! But that’s not all! This Christmas, we will be officially launched in Sibu! Remember to tune into 100.7 FM and share the news with your friends, family and neighbours! Tea FM, always with you!



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