After graduating from high school and university, you’d think that your presentation days are over but you’re so wrong. For most jobs, presentation is a very important part of your life, be it presenting to your colleagues, higher ups or even clients. And more often than not, presentations can be quite boring if you’re on the receiving end and science says that expecting a presentation to be boring will make you feel more bored. 

This research was conducted among 121 students in University of Hong Kong and they were asked to rate how bored they expect a lecture they’re attending to be. After the lecture, they were asked again on how they felt and true enough, those who predicted the lecture to be boring tended to feel even more bored at the end of the lecture. 

This research tells us to never put up expectations. High expectations lead to high disappointments and low expectations lead to even lower disappointments. So, whatever you do, treat it normally and perhaps with only medium levels of expectations.