Halsey has been in the music industry for about 8 years now and if there’s one thing we know about them, it’s that they are not afraid to speak out for injustice. 

On a recent tik tok video, Halsey revealed the infairness they got from their record label company for reportedly not allowing them to release new music. They said they wanted to release the new song asap but their record label wants them to fake a viral moment on tiktok and then they will release the song as a marketing plan. They added that record label companies have been doing this to every artist these days but they just want to release music. She ended the video with I’m tired. 

After Halsey’s video, their record label also released a statement saying that they value Halsey and can’t wait for the world to hear their “brilliant new music”. I guess if the company has learnt anything, it’s to never mess with Halsey and her music. Let’s hope we get to hear this new music soon!