When I say that robots are slowly taking over the job in the world, I really do mean it seriously. Over in the US, a legal advice startup, DoNotPay has designed an AI legal assistant that will help a defendant with their court proceedings. And currently, two defendants have been taken under the new AI lawyer to help dispute a speeding ticket. This AI lawyer will guide the defendants through the court cases, teaching them what to say and when to say through an earpiece during the trial. Soon, you won’t be needing any human lawyers in court, as the AI will take over the justice system and all legal actions will be going through the AI. Which could be scary, because AI has no feelings and they just follow the law, black and white, and no in between. 


A British company has developed the first tractor in the world that is completely powered by cow dung. The liquid methane gas-powered T7 vehicle is said to be the first in this world and could be the key point in efficient energy supply on UK farms and hopefully eventually throughout the globe. The tractor will run on fuel that’s obtained from farmyard manure and is said to even match vehicles that run on diesel fuel. Currently, the technology is working on new ways it could make full use of this new development and hopefully, one day, can be used to charge electric vehicles in rural locations so as to protect the environment and make full use of farm wastes.


When it comes to toast or bread, there is a minority of humans who hate crusts. And these crusts in huge amounts actually become a huge food waste. And so, a Dutch company has developed a new type of bread with a white crust to decrease food waste. The company called Vlaamsch Broodhuys created a new bread called Pure White where it has twice the shelf life as traditional bread and it has no brown crust like the normal bread. The bread still has crust but it’s white and is made from a mixture of flour, water, and natural preservatives which helps to prevent mold from forming. The idea behind this pure white bread is to create a bread that can be enjoyed longer and to reduce food wastage. Reviews on the bread also claimed that the bread is not only good for the environment but also has a soft, fluffy texture.