If you ask any Gen Zs these days, have they heard of BTS, pretty sure the girls would all be screaming and jumping up and down due to excitement. And the South Korean boy group has been releasing catchy hits for the past few months from Butter to Permission to Dance. And now, fans were wondering if we are getting any new songs soon.

Well, it was announced by BTS themselves on their social media and official website that they will be releasing a new album on June 10th. As the matter of fact, BTS has also been teasing fans who went for the four-night Las Vegas Residency about the new album where at the end of the show, the screen will show the words We Are Bulletproof as well as the words June 10. 

And of course, we all are dying to know more about this album in which BTS said that details on the new album will be provided in a separate notice at a later date. But Armies are getting excited at this point and we can’t wait to see the new music soon!