When we talk about electric cars and self-driving cars, we think of Tesla. But more and more automobile companies have been developing their own version of electric and self-driving vehicles. 

Waymo has unveiled an autonomous, all electric minivan with no wheels, pedals or mirrors. This van really requires no driver and can seat 5 people. When you’re in the car, there are three touchscreens where passengers can play music or choose a destination. 

Waymo also said that this minivan can become a place to entertain friends, a movable office for meetings, a room for kids to study or just a relaxing lounge to relax and catch some snooze.

Personally, this self-driving electric minivan is one of the best inventions so far. There are multiple times when me and my friends would go on a vacation and none of us wants to be the person to drive because it’s tiring and exhausting. But with this minivan, it’s gonna make our trip relaxing and convenient.