One technology that is also part of the future tech is hologram images. And a Los Angeles firm, Proto M created a two-foot tall box that presents 4K live streamed holograms of people’s bodies as they talk, even when they’re thousands of miles away or at the opposite ends of the world. 

This new holographic device allows business leaders to be present at a meeting without having to be at the meeting physically. You might say that we’ve got zoom call or video call for that, but where’s the fun in that, and it very much limits what people see as well. So if you can show up at a meeting with these holographic images, it kinda allows you to have a more interactive connection. While this holographic device is only 2 feet tall, the company aims to slowly build a full size holographic device in the future!

It’s like  the end credit scene of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, when Captain Marvel and Hulk showed up via holographic images, imagine if they used video call, that would be unprepossessing right?