It’s undeniable that robots and technologies do bring lots of benefits and convenience to us humans. For example, with AI technology, we can control devices with just our voice or unlock our phone by just looking at them.

And there’s this new hearing aid technology that was developed by engineers at the University of Glasgow where it scans your facial movements and uses an artificial intelligence to work out what is being said. Even when you’re wearing a mask, the device can still read your lips. 

According to reports, the device system can correctly interpret speech up to 95 percent of the time for unmasked lips and up to 83 per cent of the time with masks on. This will allow the hearing impared to focus on sounds more easily in a noisy environment and be able to understand what others are saying even when they are wearing masks.

Think for a minute, this sounds like a spy tool where you can even buy this device and wear it and hear what people are saying with their masks on.