In the tech world, it’s all about the next big break. Facebook is focusing on the Metaverse. Automobiles companies are trying to make the first flying cars. And tech companies are trying to develop the next smart glass. 

For Lenovo, they just launched their new smart glasses and it’s literally the next gen tech. The Lenovo Glasses T1 allows users to project a computer display on lenses inches from your eyes. This allows users to have the impression that they are seeing content on a much bigger screen than on their computer screen. Other than that, the smart glass also has built-in hi-fi speakers near the ears so users can hear sounds as well. Hence, this new set of glasses can give users a more private workspace to prevent “shoulder surfing”.

With this new emerging tech, one day, you won’t be seeing kids looking down at their phones while walking anymore. In fact, they will be walking with glasses on.