We’re all familiar with the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctors away but have you heard a banana a day keeps doctors away as well? 

According to an international trial done by researchers at Newcastle University and the University of Leeds in the UK, they found out that resistant starches could help protect people with an elevated risk of hereditary cancers. Resistant starches are carbohydrates that pass undigested through the small intestine and are digested or fermented in the large intestine and these foods include beans, oats, breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, peas and also slightly unripe bananas. Ingested RS powder or food rich in RS may help prevent cancer in people with Lynch syndrome which is an inheritd condition where people tend to inherit gastric cancer, colon cancer and so on. 

Nevertheless, some experts suggest eating whole plant foods is better than taking supplements. And also remember, having a balanced diet is more important.