You might think that Snapchat is extinct but the company is still going strong with their innovation in the AR field. They’ve rolled out new and fresh filters every single day. And it was reported that Snapchat will now start charging a subscription that allows users to access new and exclusive features and customisation options. 

They call this Snapchat Plus. What this means is that subscribers will be able to access the upcoming new exclusive features. Though the features are still in the experimental stage, some of these new exclusive features include Rewatch indicator which shows how many people have rewatched the stuff you posted. Then, there’s the Best Friend Forever feature where users can pin one friend as their number one BFF. There’s also the Custom App Icons where users get to choose from a variety of designs of the Snapchat app icon on their home screen. The Snapchat plus is now available in the UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and will slowly expand to other countries soon. The subscription fee is about RM20 per month. 

Now, the question is will Snapchat be able to reel in more users at this point or will they lose even more of their existing users with this new feature? Let’s wait and see.