Somewhere in March this year, we shared with you about the world’s thinnest watch which is the Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo Ultra measuring at only 1.8mm thick. But now, the record has been broken.

The world’s thinnest mechanical watch now goes to Richard Mille’s new mechanical watch – the RM UP-01 Ferrari which is priced at 1.8 million dollars and is only 1.75mm thick. Only 0.05mm thinner than the previous record holder. According to Richard Mille, it took them 6000 hours to develop and test the watch. The watch is wound manually and has a power reserve of around 45 hours. The baseplate and bridges are made out of grade 5 titanium which is a highly corrosion-resistant alloy. And for the record, there are only 150 pieces available. 

Watch is more than just for keeping track of the time these days. It’s also a very important accessory especially for men. Who knows, one day, we no longer have a physical watch worn on our hands but have chips that can generate holograms implanted on our wrists.

See the watch here: