Jeremy Lin has made a name in the basketball league. He’s the first NBA basketball player that is of Taiwanese descent. And recently, it was reported that he is launching a basketball school to inspire Asian kids and youth. 

The school is a collaboration between Jeremy and the Canadian Chinese Youth Athletic Association and is open to kids aged 3 to 16 teaching lessons and skills that are usable in the real world and on the basketball court. According to Jeremy, he wants to inspire more kids to be proud of their identities. “I’m passionate about players becoming better at basketball but I’m also probably even more passionate about Asian American kids growing up with confidence, with self-esteem, being proud to be Asian, which was something that I wasn’t growing up with,” Jeremy said. 

It’s always good to see that more Asian celebrities are doing their part in giving back to the community and to cultivate the next generation to embrace their roots and identities.