Danish fashion brand, Ganni became the talk of the Fashion world when they are introducing three new fabric innovations as part of its “Fabrics of the future” initiative to its collection in order to assist its ambitious goal of a 50 percent absolution carbon reduction by 2027. 

These three new innovations are very sustainable and are Mylo, Stem and Circulose which will be featured in limited-edition releases. So, Mylo is a mycelium-based leather alternative created from mushrooms and is 100 percent animal free material. Stem is a 3-piece circular collection featuring a jacket, a dress and a pair of trousers, using a zero-waste production process which uses the entire fabric and eliminates all cutting and sewing waste. And finally, Circulose is a new natural material made by recovering worn-out cotton clothes into a dissolving pulp. 

Overall, Ganni is putting in a lot of effort in a step towards sustainable fashion. It certainly is amazing to see how the fashion industry is making an extra effort in introducing a more sustainable and animal friendly fashion product.