It’s not uncommon to see drones these days. A couple of years ago, the idea of drones was merely from sci-fi but now, you can even get one for yourself. And our scientists are still perfecting drones so that they can do more than what they’re meant to do. And researchers from the Imperial College London managed to create an amphibious, shape-shifting drone and they named it MEDUSA which stands for Multi-Environment Dual robot. 

MEDUSA is able to fly through air and land on water as well. The purpose of MEDUSA is so that it can help in collecting samples from uncharted waters and deploy remotely in hard-to-reach aquatic environments. Researchers also hoped that in the future, MEDUSA will be able to go underwater and can be used to monitor climate clues like temperature changes in Arctic seas. 

In the future, perhaps drones will be more than just for photography purposes, they might be able to help us with our daily lives better than we can ever imagine.

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