Fashion has always been more of an acquired taste. Sometimes you just don’t get it and yet it’s sold out. But for this company, they’ve managed to make head turns with their latest campaign. 

Earlier this month, popular clothing brand, Nike designed a sneaker that can be disassembled. According to reports, Nike is trying to be a part of sustainability and in an effort to be part of that, they introduced the Nike ISPA link which stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt. And these Nike sneakers feature 3 interlocking parts which can be connected without glue and midsoles are made up of pegs that fit into openings which will perfectly fit each other. With this new shoe concept, the factory does not require energy-intensive processes like cooling, heating, conveyor belt and so on which saves carbon emissions. And the shoes are being worn and damages can be brought to the recycling centre and taken apart easily too. These Nike ISPA shoes are said to hit the stores soon but price has yet to be announced. 

Well, it looks like not only consumers but big fashion corporations are also listening to the people and taking the initiative to be more involved in being more eco-friendly.