What will you think of when the name Hansel and Gretel is mentioned? Well, you’d probably think about the delicious desert house that Hansel and Gretel went into before being caught by the witch. So, edible houses are only from stories but not for long.

Scientists from a Japanese university have developed the world’s first process for making cement entirely from food waste. These food waste include cabbage leaves and orange peels for now which can be engineered into edible and biodegradable cement for construction use. Of course, this does not mean that your house will be infested with insects or pests because it will be chemically engineered into sturdy materials. The materials made from food waste are said to be 4 times stronger than that of cement too.

In other words, say, one day, if you’ve run out of food and are really hungry, perhaps you can have a bite at your wall for a quick snack. But we wouldn’t recommend that.