Pizza is one of the best comfort foods there is. But over the years, pizza companies have become more and more adventurous in terms of their new flavours and one thing that I realised is that the globally famous Pizza chain restaurant in Taiwan is extremely bold with their pizza flavours. 

Previously, they made the smelly tofu pizza and now a new flavour has been launched. It’s fried chicken, calamari, tempura and chocolate sandwich pizza. It looks like a toddler woke up and threw all their favourite food onto the pizza. The pizza has all the fried ingredients (fried chicken, fried calamari, and fried tempura) in the centre and embedded in the pizza crusts are the chocolate sandwich. Those who tried it said you can eat the centre part as the main course and have the crust with the chocolate sandwich as desserts later on. I really hope this news can reach Italians and see what they think of their national food.

What do you think? Are you adventurous enough to try this? Or have you seen an even worse pizza flavour?