With the world now trying to be more inclusive regardless of skin colour, gender, and even illnesses, many companies are trying to be part of this change including toy companies.

It was reported that Barbie has released its first doll with scoliosis, providing a wider presentation for children diagnosed with the physical condition. The Barbie doll named Chelsea allows kids to feel seen as she will be wearing a removable back brace on the outside of her pink dress. The doll was created with the help from certified neurosurgeon and specialist in children’s complex spinal disorder, Dr Luke Macyszyn.

According to the official description, Chelsea is Barbie’s seven-year-old little sister and loves to see herself in different careers like her big sister, playing dress up as a pilot, doctor and pop star.

It’s great to see that even toy companies are putting in effort to be more inclusive towards everyone. And hopefully, this will help kids to feel more confident and loved.