Many automobile companies are trying to develop a solar-powered vehicle that can be sustainable and cost-friendly. In the recent news, Aptera Motors has revealed their new solar powered car that runs 100% on solar energy and thus requires no external charging. However, the ports for electrical charging are still available on the car in case your area has no sun for days. The vehicle can drive up to 64 kilometres with a full charge. The car is a two seater car and only has 3 wheels with a big spacious bonnet. One of these solar powered cars costs 33,200 US dollars. The car is expected to be released at the end of this year. 


When it comes down to parties, you can’t go without dancing and sweat. And over in Glasgow, a new type of dance floor has been created where it can convert body heat of dancers into energy which can be used to power the whole building. The dance floor named Bodyheat is made of thermoelectric panels which produce electricity when exposed to a temperature difference so when people dance on the floor and they generate body heat, the temperature difference will be used to generate electricity. This dance floor is powerful enough to generate lighting and sound systems and is also environmentally friendly too. So if you’re looking to party but be environmentally conscious, then this party place in Glasgow should be on your bucket list.


With everything being incorporated with Artificial Intelligence, AI, this new product has been launched and it is suitable for parents. The world’s most high-tech stroller known as the Smartbe has been launched. It can move on its own, follow its owner without needing you to push or pull, and it even has a voice command response system. There’s also a built-in camera that can be used for video monitoring and a speaker that can play music or white noise to soothe your baby. Of course, parents can also control and monitor the stroller via an app that’s linked to the smart stroller. Currently, Smartbe is available for pre-order at a price of 1,499 US dollars.