T-RUN 2.0 慈善趣味路跑 即日起接受报名!

由Tea FM、晋汉连省华青团和诗华日报联合举办、古晋男少年军第二分队协办的T-RUN 2.0将在2017年9月3日(星期日)卷土重来,欢迎喜爱跑步的朋友们,即日起报名参加。

根据T-RUN 2.0筹委会主席刘益宾于今天下午在一项新闻招待会上披露,该趣味路跑是公开让大马的砂拉越子民参与的慈善活动,报名截止日期为2017年6月30日(星期五)。

本届T-RUN2.0,这一改过去的形式,并将以“Fun run”方式,并分为5公里和10公里两个组别进行。由于去年举办的T-RUN获得各界热烈响应,而参与人数远超1000名的指标,因此,今年的T-RUN 2.0人数指标,则订定2000人,希望让更多喜爱跑步的朋友有机会参与。

T-RUN 2.0的报名费为45令吉,2000名之内的报名者,将可获得非常丰富的赠品,包括T恤一件、纪念牌一枚(完成竞跑者)、3合1的一小包装Mee Daddy、旺发周边产品一份、新加坡鹰标(Eagle Brand)周边一份以及免费诗华日报或Borneo Post电子报一年;此外,首1000名的报名者,则可多获一份来自人间茶坊的餐券,大家可凭餐券到浮罗岸路、火车路及宋路的亮德坊人间茶坊兑换一份经典葱油面或招牌麻辣面。这些赠品总值超过RM80令吉;与此同时,主办当局更准备了丰富的幸运抽奖,完成竞跑的朋友们都有机会赢取,以增添喜悦。

T-RUN 2.0所筹措的款项,将充作古晋男少年军第二分队每年举办的BB LOVE BOX经费。 BB LOVE BOX活动旨在为郊区乡野的贫困孩童献上关爱和物资的需要,以让孩童们能在圣诞节期间,如愿以偿地获得他们极为需要的物品。

T-RUN 2.0获得多家商业机构,出任特别赞助商,分别有GREE、人间茶坊、Mee Daddy、旺发鳕鱼香丝和新加坡鹰标(Eagle Brand)。

欢迎有兴趣的朋友,可向以下报名处报名参加;(1)诗华日报营业部,联络电话: 082-330505;(2)诗华日报新闻中心,皇冠大厦2楼,电话;082-485111; (3)Tea FM 办事处,皇冠大厦10楼,电话: 082-336593;(4)晋汉连省华总办事处,朋岭新渔村路华总大厦,手机0168605879。

欲知进一步详情或任何询问, 欢迎联络Tea FM,082-336593,传真:082-336793,或者浏览www.teafm.com.my,登陆面书teafm1027,teafm_offical(Instagram),或者向晋汉省华青团陈力荣014- 993 3445 ,或李国豪,012-8226252查询。


Organised by TEA FM and The Federation of Kuching, Samarahan and Serian Divisions Chinese Associations Youth Section, co-organised by The Boy’s Brigade in Malaysia, 2nd Kuching Company, T-RUN 2.0 is back on the 3rd September 2017 (Sunday)! Registration is now open for all of the running enthusiast!

According to the Organising Chairman Mr. Bryan Liew, he revealed the run is for fellow Sarawakians, with the final registration date on 30th June, 2017 (Friday).

This year’s T-RUN 2.0 will be conducted as fun run of 5KM and 10KM category respectively. Due to the overwhelming response received last year of more than 1,000 participants, this year they are aiming for a record breaking of 2,000 participants, hoping for more running enthusiast to join in the fun.

The registration fee is at RM 45 per person, and there will be plenty of goodies for our 1st 2,000 registered participants, including the T-RUN t-shirt, a finisher medal for those who finishes the race, products from Mee Daddy, WANFA Fish Snack, Eagle Brand, along with one year free E-Paper subscription of The Borneo Post or See Hua Daily News. Moreover, for our 1st 1,000 registered participant, they will be getting free meal voucher of Classic Shanghai Noodle or Classic Spicy Noodle, courtesy of Life Café Kuching! On top of all the gifts mentioned worth RM 80, they will be a lucky draw for all runners to bring more fun to the fun run.

The fund raised will be channelled to The Boy’s Brigade in Malaysia 2nd Kuching Company’s Annual BB Love Box fund, which helps children from rural area for a warmer and happier Christmas by provided them with much needed items and love.

T-RUN 2.0 is supported by various sponsors, including GREE, Life Café, Mee Daddy, WANFA Fish Snack, and Eagle Brand from Singapore.

For those interested, you may collect your registration form from the following venues, including See Hua Daily News Sales Department (Tel No: 082 330 505), See Hua Daily News Centre at Crown Towers 2nd Floor (Tel No: 082 485 111), TEA FM Office at Crown Towers 10th Floor (Tel: 082 336 593), The Federation of Kuching, Samarahan and Serian Divisions Chinese Associations Youth Section office, as well as The Federation of Chinese Associations of Kuching, Samarahan and Serian Divisions Building at City Square Pending (Tel No: 016 860 5879).

For more information, please call TEA FM at 082 336 593, fax at 082 336 793, or visit us on www.teafm.com.my, our Facebook page of teafm1027 or follow us on Instagram at teafm_official, or contact The Federation of Kuching, Samarahan and Serian Divisions Chinese Associations Youth Section at 014 993 3445 and 012 822 6252.

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